From "Twerk Rising" to Shake Rising

On August 4th of this year, Twerk Rising transformed into Shake Rising. 

This transformation took place when it was brought to my attention that by using the name “twerk”, there’s a chance that I am participating in appropriation of the black culture.

I’d like to quote Emmanuel Acho’s life changing book: “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man”, (highly recommend)

“The exchange of ideas, styles and traditions is one of the tenants of a modern multi cultural society. It’s a part of how we grow, learn, advance. But, cultural appropriation is something else. Cultural appropriation happens when members of a dominant group (in the United States, white people) take elements from the cultures of a people who are disempowered. . . It’s problematic for a number of reasons: This trivializes historic oppression, it lets people show love for a culture while still remaining prejudice towards the people of the culture, and lets privileged people prosper from the labor of an oppressed people. On top of that, it can perpetuate racist stereotypes.”

As I learn more, and my awareness and consciousness expands, I will change, evolve, and grow- to remain in alignment with my highest version of self. 

I WILL “fall short” daily, but I am OPEN to receive insight to help me in my ascension. Because when I change, when I rise, my family and community does the same. Together, we can heal. And, it starts from within each of us. 

Our Shake Rising classes continue with the same format: using shaking as a way to RISE to our highest version of self.

Thank you all for your continued support. I look forward to SHAKING & RISING with you. 

Also, I’d like to give you an extra thanks, Merri. Your work with Intercultural Development has changed me forever. Thank You. 

If you want to learn more about how we can RISE up and away from systemic racism, reach out! I’ve gathered some amazing resources during this process that I’d love to share. 

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