Shake Rising's Birth Story

Yesterday, Wednesday July 13th, we celebrated Shake's second year of existence!
I am giggling about the celebration, as I flash back to scenes from yesterday. A group of woman and I gathered to honor Shake (and ourselves) by dropping into a cacao ceremony & meditation and undergoing a special, body paint, nude Shake Rising!
We painted our rainbow bridge on our bodies, starting with red legs for our root chakra, and ending with anointing our foreheads with white paint- covering eeeeverything in between. Some of us were nude, some in bikinis, and ALL of us LIBERATED AF. We showered each other and ourselves off after, smoked CBD, and ate chocolate cake. What a way to honor the practice that has allowed us to experience FREEDOM from societal conditioning and past memories & experiences.
Letting out a big wolf howl right now, AWUUU!
Celebrating Shake's second year inspired me to share about Her creation and birth story. Shake Rising came into fruition, through my body, on Tuesday, July 13th 2020. (Wooh, goosebumps already in retelling the story.)
Shake was originally a cardio dance fitness class called "Cardio Twerk Fusion". The fitness class originated in January of 2020. At the time there was no energy work happening, just a very intense HIIT class that utilized sexy dance moves. 
When the Covid lockdown of 2020 came, I began offering my fitness classes online, and the class that had the biggest demand was Cardio Twerk Fusion. This quickly became "Twerk Fusion", (as none of us wanted to do burpees on our computers in the living room.) The focus was on the dance. 
After about a month of gathering for this practice multiple times a week, I noticed a discomfort in my body that came after class. I was so activated, excited, and turned on, and then I went back into a state of "lock down". I felt lonely, agitated, irritable, and quite frankly, horny. In this moment, I remembered that even something beneficial, like a workout, could become detrimental. I realized there was a potent energy being activated through this movement and there was a need to funnel this energy back into the body to be used in a harmonious way. 
I began to use the chakra system as my guide. I would use the chakras as a structure for the energy being created in class, and then after class, I would massage myself with specific oils to allow that energy to sink in. WOW. That was a SHIFT. 
Fast forward a few months, and we are back in the studio offering the "new" Twerk Fusion. 
After class one night, "IT" happened. I had just taught Twerk Fusion, and my whole body was vibrating. "Woah", I thought, "is this an adrenaline overdose?" Coming form the fitness field, it was the only thing I could think of. Even my lips were buzzing, and it made it hard for me to speak. I felt like my whole body was operating at a faster pace. I sat outside of the studio for two hours, as I allowed myself to "come down". 
The next day, I woke up with what I called "Albert Einstein energy". I journaled EVERYTHING I did the day before: what I ate, who I talked to, what music & movement I used in class, etc. I was excited, scared, and confused as to what happened yesterday. A few days later, my friend mentioned to me, "It sounds like you had a kundalini awakening. That serpentine, gyrating movement is powerful" 
I began a deep dive into Kundalini; what it is, how it awakens, and why. 
Ahhh, my life force energy. It is waking up. I am waking up. A part of me that has been dormant is turning ON. My life has been changed forever since. 
I soon changed the name to Twerk Rising (now Shake Rising (see last blog post)), to encapsulate what the essence of this practice was. As Twerk Rising was coming into FULL fruition, Her whole essence being captured, I began to write the Twerk Rising manual. Looking back, I don't even remember why I was writing that. 'Was I going to train other facilitators?', I had no idea. What I wanted was to be clear on WHAT this amazing practice was. The 75 page manual was written with, honestly, a lot of ease. Next, or rather during, I created the Shake Rising logo with the help of my partner and an incredible designer. And, She began to grow stronger and stronger. 
As you can see, I refer to Shake Rising as a third person, because truly She is so much bigger than I. Sometimes, I still have trouble remembering that I "created" Shake Rising, because it truly feels like She FLEW through me. I am grateful to be an open channel to receive this movement practice which offers TRANSFORMATION. Thank you, thank you, thank you Shake Rising. 
This is just the beginning. Shake Rising and I have the desire to share this medicine all over the world .
In February of this year, 2022, I held the first Shake Rising Facilitator Training with 10 women. We now have 8 more women offering this medicine, in addition to me!
The vision I am holding with Shake is to grow this spiritual movement practice into a global offering with thousands of certified facilitators all over the world -
for the purpose of human liberation and empowerment!  
Thank you for being with Us on this journey. I love you.

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